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Articles Tagged 'change'

  • Too much project management

    If project management is goal-oriented organisation, then surely you can never have too much? Editor Adeline Teoh says ‘yes you can’ and also uses the word ‘sesquipedalian’ a lot. more
  • Leadership in organisational change

    A successful change culture depends on the leadership team signalling their commitment to change, writes Ivan Seselj. Not only does this set the vision for what the business is trying to achieve, it empowers key change agents. more
  • Reflection on project reform—Jacob Silver

    Reflection on project reform
    With reasons for project failure remaining unchanged since Harvard Business School first published the common causes, organisations are faced with situations where the focus is less about what the causes of failure are but rather what the early warning signs are and what are the response mechanisms. It’s imperative that as project managers we put in place tools to recognise the early warning signs of project failure and implement strong processes to reform projects that are on the path to failure.

    This paper examines the process of change that a large and complex relocation project went through during the early stages of project failure. The paper discusses several failed attempts at change and the eventual process that got the project back on track and allowed the team to achieve immediate and ongoing success. The tools used to improve success include critical reflections, the discovery of common themes through the use of affinity diagrams and the use of personality traits to assign roles. The key lessons learnt were shared and this allowed the team to continue its success and ultimately restore faith with their client and secure future business.

    Author: Jacob Silver
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • Manage change, avoid complexity

    All organisations go through periods of upheaval and change. Critical to a company’s growth and survival is the way change is managed. Here are Ivan Seselj’s tips for embedding change processes. more