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  • Checking the risk process
    Achieving project benefits

    The term ‘box-ticking’ is always used in this negative way, as a bad thing to be avoided. But perhaps ticking boxes could be useful if we do it differently for risk, suggests Risk Doctor David Hillson. more
  • When push comes to project

    The gap between good and great can seem small but is often the most difficult to bridge. To what lengths should project managers go to achieve greatness in themselves and in their team? asks editor Adeline Teoh more
  • Creating a Culture of Engagement and Accountability—Tom Rose

    Creating a Culture of Engagement and Accountability
    Executives and their leadership teams do three big things. They build a strategic vision, they mobilise an organisation to execute that vision, and they guide an organisation through and around implementation challenges that occur in making that vision a reality. In pursuing this threefold agenda, leaders actively cultivate a context that both engages others and promotes their accountability—this includes junior colleagues, peers, and senior colleagues.

    To address today’s pressing challenges most leaders and their executive teams have crafted strategic visions for how to win the hearts and minds of customers and secure profitable growth. While many have confidence in the vision, they have much less in its execution. Many executives worry that their organisations will not successfully execute the plans needed to make the strategic vision a reality. They foresee implementation challenges.

    People will have to do new things or familiar things differently. They will also need to drive results within tight timelines and budgets while negotiating the challenges of working with global and often remote teams.

    Author: Tom Rose
    Review status: N/A more
  • Leading projects

    Effective leadership and sponsorship of projects is essential for project success. Elissa Farrow recaps a workshop in which young project managers are encouraged to share experiences to better lead a project team. more