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Articles Tagged 'Alliancing Association of Australasia'

  • 4 tips for submitting to project awards
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    How do award contenders craft their submission to tell a compelling story of how the team accomplished outstanding, award-winning achievements in the face of technical difficulty, program complexity and other challenges? more
  • Getting results from alliances
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    It is performance evaluation time on your typical collaborative infrastructure contract. Most who have been there will be familiar with the scramble to gather data and evidence, present it winningly and then refine and improve performance based on the management team’s evaluation and feedback. more
  • Alliancing benefits and challenges in infrastructure projects

    Alliance contracting offers an unprecedented way to create a strong synergy between partners to deliver a project too complex for traditional ‘hard dollar’ procurement and delivery methods. It brings together several organisations including the client, such as a government infrastructure agency or utility; and non-owner participants such as a civil engineering firm and a constructor, as well as technical specialists as required. more
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  • Alliancing trends towards Early Contractor Involvement
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    More than 12 years of alliance contracting in Australasia’s public infrastructure sector has yielded a range of relationship-based models to successfully deliver projects. The Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) contracting methodology in Australia is a unique form of collaborative contracting, inspired by the UK’s Highways Agency. ECI contracting has rapidly gained popularity since Queensland’s Department of […] more
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