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Risk Articles

  • Kill the risk manager?
    most project stakeholders don't understand risk

    A risk manager manages risk, of course. But this is both wrong and unhelpful. Everyone should take responsibility for managing their own risks. But does this mean we should kill the risk manager? asks Risk Doctor David Hillson. more
  • Top 5 legal responses to project risks
    legality ethics

    As a project manager, you certainly appreciate the importance of assessing risk carefully. Here’s how a legal professional can help you manage the top 5 riskiest aspects of project management, writes Rolf Howard. more
  • How risky is your project?
    most project stakeholders don't understand risk

    Your Risk Register lists all the risks you’ve identified but Risk Doctor David Hillson believes you need a different concept to describe the overall risk exposure of a project, which is different from the individual risks that need to be managed. more
  • 7 steps to analysing risk via Monte Carlo
    risk analysis

    Monte Carlo simulation is the most common way to analyse risk using numbers. But many people view quantitative risk analysis as too difficult. Risk Doctor David Hillson offers seven steps to help you gain valuable insights from this powerful technique. more
  • How to deal with risk sentinels
    risk sentinel

    One of the key components of risk management and stakeholder management is the routine reassessment of the stakeholder community and the risk climate. Pat Weaver looks at risk sentinels and how they could save your project. more
  • The double life of risk
    double risk threats opportunities

    Risk is a double-sided concept, Risk Doctor David Hillson reminds us. We use the word ‘opportunity’ to describe an upside risk with positive impacts, and ‘threat’ for downside risks with negative consequences. more