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    Articles by Patrick Weaver

    Patrick Weaver is the managing director of Mosaic Project Services and the business manager of Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd. He has been a member of both PMI and AIPM since 1986 and is a member of the Asia Pacific Forum of the Chartered Institute of Building. In addition to his work on ISO 21500, he has contributed to a range of standards developments with PMI, CIOB and AIPM.
    has written 57 articles for us.
  • On probability, randomness and risk
    risk chance coin toss

    Patrick Weaver gives a primer on understanding probability to better inform your decisions on risk. This is the first of three articles based on Leonard Mlodinow’s book, The Drunkard’s Walk, on randomness. more
  • How to prepare an effective project report

    Far too many project controls professionals and project managers think they have done their job once the data has been gathered, analysed and the information developed to facilitate an informed decision. Pat Weaver says how you report it make all the difference. more
  • Bad project schedules and how to tame them
    Project managers: from jugglers to ringmasters

    Projects fail when they overrun the allocated time and budget, and overrunning on schedule is a great way to make sure you also overrun on cost. Patrick Weaver has a pressing case for the need for effective planning and scheduling. more
  • How not to kill a project
    kill project

    Making a sensible decision to ‘kill’ an uneconomic project or to support an ‘over budget’ project that still has a viable return on investment is always difficult. Patrick Weaver on the three worst ways to make a decision. more