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    Articles by Jed Simms

    Jed Simms is the founder and co-creator of Totally Optimized Projects, an internationally recognised strategy-based, business-driven approach to delivering projects. He specialises in project governance and control and value and benefits management. He is also the founding partner of consultancy Capability Management.
    has written 23 articles for us.
  • The kindness and cruelty of project management
    The demands of project management

    Jed Simms long ago discovered that the opposite to project ‘success’ is rarely failure but ‘compromise’ in project delivery performance and in compromised future performance. Here he insists we have to be cruel to achieve the project outcomes we want. more
  • Change management on the double

    More experienced practitioners know the people-process-technology approach to change has left holes and not delivered effective change at times. Jed Simms proposes a different kind of change management triangle. more
  • The 40-40-20 rule for project governance

    Jed Simms reconfigures how we should think about education and project governance:

    “Executives know all they need to know—at least they think—to convey the impression that they know all they need to know. But, when it comes to projects and project governance this model falls down.” more
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  • Simplistic versus simplified thinking

    The late Steve Jobs said that if you believed something was ‘simple’ you obviously did not understand it. The challenge, he said, was to thoroughly understand the complexity so that you can then simplify it. more
  • Protecting the project

    There is a famous case in Australia where the chairman of a large company rejected out-of-hand a takeover offer of $27 per share when those shares, 12 months later, were trading at under $10. This chairman’s ‘protection’ of the company was hugely detrimental to its shareholders. more
  • Project consultant or contractor?

    Many project contractors call themselves ‘consultants’ but are only contractors. Contractors bring skills, experience and an ability to do the job. Consultants bring skills, experience and their ability to do the job, plus IP – the intellectual property to do the job. more
  • Beyond project methodology

    Many organisations want to ‘improve how they do projects’ to get better results, more consistent results, or even some results. The task is then handed to a special team, IT or a PMO to ‘fix’. They, understandably, look at how the organisation does projects now and what can be fixed. more