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    Articles by David Hillson

    Dr David Hillson has a worldwide reputation as a leading thinker and expert practitioner in risk management, specialising in strategic and tactical risk, with a particular interest in opportunities and risk psychology. Better known worldwide as the Risk Doctor, Hillson is an expert risk consultant, author and popular speaker. He is also a Fellow of the Project Management Institute (PMI).
    has written 15 articles for us.
  • How to choose the right risk tool
    risk indicator tool

    The risk process produces large amounts of data to support analysis, reporting, decision-making and action. What do you need to consider when acquiring a risk tool? asks Risk Doctor David Hillson. more
  • Can a risk have 100% probability?
    risk probability

    Most people’s first reaction to the idea that a risk can have 100% probability is to disagree. After all ‘uncertainty’ is a key part of the definition of risk, and 100% probability means ‘certain’. Risk Doctor David Hillson argues otherwise. more
  • Checking the risk process
    Achieving project benefits

    The term ‘box-ticking’ is always used in this negative way, as a bad thing to be avoided. But perhaps ticking boxes could be useful if we do it differently for risk, suggests Risk Doctor David Hillson. more
  • The IKEA approach to risk
    IKEA instructions

    Why can’t managing risk be more like assembling a piece of IKEA furniture? Risk Doctor David Hillson puts forth the case for user-friendly risk processes and procedures. more
  • Kill the risk manager?
    most project stakeholders don't understand risk

    A risk manager manages risk, of course. But this is both wrong and unhelpful. Everyone should take responsibility for managing their own risks. But does this mean we should kill the risk manager? asks Risk Doctor David Hillson. more
  • How risky is your project?
    most project stakeholders don't understand risk

    Your Risk Register lists all the risks you’ve identified but Risk Doctor David Hillson believes you need a different concept to describe the overall risk exposure of a project, which is different from the individual risks that need to be managed. more
  • 7 steps to analysing risk via Monte Carlo
    risk analysis

    Monte Carlo simulation is the most common way to analyse risk using numbers. But many people view quantitative risk analysis as too difficult. Risk Doctor David Hillson offers seven steps to help you gain valuable insights from this powerful technique. more
  • The double life of risk
    double risk threats opportunities

    Risk is a double-sided concept, Risk Doctor David Hillson reminds us. We use the word ‘opportunity’ to describe an upside risk with positive impacts, and ‘threat’ for downside risks with negative consequences. more