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    Articles by Catherine Smithson

    Catherine Smithson is a leading facilitator, educator and consultant in change and leadership. She has 20 years’ experience as a senior manager and a consultant and has an in-depth understanding of best practices worldwide. She is the managing director of Being Human.
    has written 4 articles for us.
  • Tailor-made change management

    Incorporating change management processes into your organisation is not the be all and end all of change strategy, writes Catherine Smithson, you need to target and tailor the strategy for each context. more
  • The changing face of portfolio management

    Change is here to stay. Not so long ago, the accepted wisdom was that organisations would introduce change, stop and consolidate, then gear up to change again. Change was a disruption to normal. Today, organisations are in a state of constant change or “permanent whitewater” as leadership development expert Peter Vaille termed it. Today, ‘normal’ […] more
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